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Amazing Proprietary Technology, High-growth Industry, Expert
Management, Breaking News: The recipe for a Huge Breakout.

Golden Spirit Enterprises (GSPT) has been moving steadily up
over the past 4 weeks. Starting its run at ten cents, GSPT is now
tradding around 25 cents as investtors have taken note of the
company's amazing potential.

The past four weeks have been a great ride, but really it's just the
beginning. Significant agreements have been signed and we
expect that this will lead to some very impressive developments
and news.

GSPT is bringing all of its technology and expertise to the
booming renewable energy sector. Take a look at this recent news:

Golden Spirit Signs Agreement to Turn Waste to Energy

MONTREAL--Mar 25, 2008 -- Golden Spirit Enterprises Ltd.
reports that the Company has signed an Agreement with EnEco
Industries Ltd. ("EnEco"), to form an alliance for a renewable
energy entity, where Golden Spirit will take majority interest in a
series of Municipal Solid Waste (garbage) fueled Recycling and
Resource Recovery Plants designed by EnEco. These plants will be
in strategically located areas diverting tons of garbage from
landfills and drastically reducing greenhouse gas outputs.

The Agreement calls for a joint venture utilizing EnEco's expertise
and technology to develop a municipal solid waste (garbage)
recycling and biomass derived renewable energy facility.

Golden Spirit and EnEco will build and operate a series of
recycling and biomass derived renewable energy facilities with
greenhouse and algae subsystems that will utilize our Thermal
Oxidation Process System (TOPS) technology to generate
electricity for sale to the local power grid ("The Project").

Our TOPS gasification plants decompose organic matter (with heat
and air) and recover non-organics by utilizing specialized
equipment and is a proven alternative to landfills. TOPS uses low
heat to convert all the carbon locked up in unsorted garbage into a
form where it produces high quality heat through a second stage
gas. This process creates enough heat to make electrical energy
and support district heating / greenhouses. The TOPS system
provides controlled conditions to utilize Carbon Dioxide (CO2) for
accelerated plant growth in greenhouses and algae farms. The other
non-carbon materials in garbage, such as aluminum, tin, copper
and stainless steel, can be easily separated after all the carbon has
been removed.

Once built, the plants will operate for 35 years and are considered
firm power producers meaning they produce power on a ontinuous
basis all year unlike other renewable power sources. EnEco has a
sustainable, proven and leading-edge plant design for small to
medium-sized cities that provide a means to meet new
environmental directives.

EnEco's key personnel have been involved in the development
construction and operation of a number of "Waste to Energy"
projects. These sales have dealt with Hawaii, Taiwan, China,
Malaysia, Korea and Canada.

GSPT is the real deal. With the potential to double or triple you
can see why we have this one in our spotlight.

To explain the use of force one staff member wrote I ordered (the) offender
to stop resisting and relax his arms Offender refused to comply with those instructions
Some experts on juvenile justice call it excessive force But the sheriffs office said
Anderson was restrained for being uncooperative After the incident he was taken away on a stretcher and died later that day
Andersons family accused the employees of killing the teen and demanded an independent investigation
The charging document filed by Ober in Bay County Circuit Court identifies the eight charged as
Henry Dickens Charles Enfinger Patrick Garrett Raymond Hauck Charles Helms Jr Henry McFadden
Jr Kristin Smith and Joseph Walsh II They are described as being caregivers of Martin Lee Anderson who caused his death
Andersons family had accused county and state officials of attempting to cover up what happened
but Ober said there is no evidence by any public official or agency to undermine or improperly influence this investigation
The boot camp in Bay County was closed in early May 2005 The sheriffs office said the
closure had nothing to do with Andersons case but also said the eight people involved in the incident were not offered new jobs
Later that month Bush signed the Martin Lee Anderson Act into law with Martins parents present
which replaces boot camps with juvenile facilities more focused on education and counseling
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ANKARA Turkey (CNN) -- Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday began his visit to Turkey
-- his first to a Muslim country -- with a message urging dialogue between Christians and Muslims as he moved to ease anger over his perceived criticism of Islam
The best way forward is via authentic dialogue between Christians and Muslims ba
sed on truth and inspired by a sincere wish to know one another better respecting di
fferences and recognizing what we have in common he said in an address at the Directorate of Religious Affairs
Introducing the pope Turkeys chief Islamic cleric Ali Bardakoglu leader of the
directorate made an apparent reference to the popes September remarks that linked violence and the Prophet Muhammed