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BOAFO William Ofori
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Good day Friend,
Top of the day to you and your family, this is Barrister Boafo William
Ofori,the legal adviser to the Bembela family, On this note i wish to
inform you that the young man Jefferson Bembela has disclosed to me
that he got your contact in the refugee camp that a reliable and trust
worthy foreigner to receive and re-invest his fund in your country for a
profitable business, and for safe keeping too. His late father Chief
Richard Bembela was a very successful farmer and gold merchant in
Zimbabwe, all was well until president Mugabe the president gave an instruction
that all the foreign farmers in the country should vacate their
farmland and go back to their country. But his father due to what he
has invested in Zimbabwe and also on his farm refused quitting, it is
because of this that the president instructed the police to lock him and
all his properties were seized by the Zimbabwean Government. He later
died in detention, All effort made by his fathers friend Mr. Larry
miller Connecting the Zimbabwean Minister for Agriculture and his mother
who is also a Zimbabwean citizen to release his father was to no avail.
His mother, Mrs. Rebecca Bembela knowing fully well the case of my
father is a serious case revealed to him that his father Chief Richard
Bembela deposited some money in a (AMALGAMATED BANK OF GHANA).He has given
me all the necessary documents concerning the funds and the money
involved is $27,500,000.00usd.(twenty seven million five hundred dollars) All
you need do now is to get back to me with the following
information̢۪s in other for me to give you all the vital information your will
require for the funds to get to you with out further delay.
(1) A scanned copy of your international passport or driving license.
(2) Your certified contact address in your country.
(3) A guarantee of an investment plan for the young man's family.
(4) Your co-ordinate account in which you can receive the said funds in
your country.
As soon as i get this informations we shall proceed immediately.

Respectfully Yours,
Boafo Williams Ofori.