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From: Susan Cole
Sent: Monday, March 24, 2008 3:11:43 AM
Subject: Donation for charity

Dear Beloved,

I hope this email meets you in Good health , I am Madam Susan Cole married to
Late Mr Kelvin Cole a well established business man based in Europe,you may
wonder how I got your email address and contact but to god be the glory it was
through the help of the Internet.

For the past 2 years I have been going through so much and willing to share my
pains with you please I do not want you to turn me down at this point ,I am 68
years of age and I really need you to take this offer serious .I lost my
husband and my only son to a car accident and this has really shorted life for
me and to crown it all my late husband relatives accused me of causing the
accident for my late husband and my only son which I did not do . Unknowing to
me that all their allegations was to conspire and drive me away from my family
home and now i am presently in the home for old people .

After the bureal ceremony,my late husband relatives took all my belonging and
everything I had they use at their will, sold my house, and properties because
I do not have a child for their brother (My late husband) .Before i left my
home I took along with me documents concerning my late husband investment of
$5,000,000.00 (five million united states dollars) invested in one of the bank
in europe please I need you to represent me before the bank to help me secure
this fund for charity .

Due to the presence of my late husband relatives around me ,I will communicate
with you via email as i need us to keep this project secret untill the funds
gets to your account in your country , once the funds get to your account the
payment will be 30% for you and the remaining 70% will be used by you to
implement the project as this was the wish of my late husband before he died
for that investment and it means so much to me and me late son.

Please I need you to send me your details which includes your name in
full,Address and tel/fax as this informations will enable me write a letter of
authourisation for our partnership to the bank so they can assist you in secure

the fund in an account in your name here you will represent me before the bank
so the investent fund can be released so you can transfer the fund from your
setup accouunt to your country and commence on my project.

Please i am pleading for your assistance in representing me ,I am very weak now

and await your response in helping me ,I am still hiding the documents
concerning the investment and waiting for your reply .

Please respond to my private Email: mrs_susancole75@hotmail.com

I am trusting in you

Remain Blessed ,
Madam Susan Cole