Morgan Duke: Msn Award Team

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From: Dr. Morgan Duke
To: xxxxxxxx@yahoo.com
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2008 10:51:33 AM

Microsoft Award Team
20 Craven Park, Harlesden
London NW10
United Kingdom

Your Ref: EGS/2251256003/02
Your Batch: 14/0017/1PD

Reference: XXXXXXXX

I am Dr. Morgan Duke, the fiduciary agent assigned to your case. I wish to congratulate you and to say you are a lucky person to have won this lottery.
You are required to fill the form below, to facilitate the processing of your claims and certificate, which will lead to the payment of your prize to you as required. You are also to send a copy of your International Passport or Drivers License if available.
Note that all participants in this lottery program have been selected randomly through a computer ballot system drawn from over 100,000 unions companies and 70,000,000 individual email addresses from users of Microsoft Facilities. The email addresses were compiled together by newly developed computer software designed by Microsoft Inc to run the Sweep stake.

This promotional program takes place every year,and it's proudly promoted and sponsored by eminent personalities which includes Sultan of Brunei, Bill Gates of Microsoft Inc and other corporate organizations. This is to encourage the use of the Internet and computers worldwide.

Therefore You have been confirmed as a winner of the Microsoft Company, computer balloting lottery system draws 2008 with the following detail to have emerged you one of the lucky winner,
Serial number 5368/02
Your claims file has been duly forwarded to my office with specific instructions that our department shall be handling the processing of your prize of £1,700,000 GBP, to you.
You are required to fill a 'VERIFICATION FORM' with all necessary details to process your winnings. Please see below the manual Form. Kindly send to Chase Bank the detailed information below for due processing of your winnings as email attachment for due processing.

CONTACT EMAIL: cust_serv_chasenk08@accountant.com
Tel: +44 702 401 0771
Fax: +44 700 594 2908

Please Endeavour to send the following information below to the bank for appropriate attention.

I am a winner in the 2008 lottery email sweepstake. I was asked to contact you by my claims Supevisor,Dr. Morgan Duke. My name is with REF NO: EGS/22515256003/02, and BATCH NO: 14/0017/1PD. To make claim to the sum of 1,700,000.00 GBP ( One Million, Seven Hundred Thousand Pounds ), Which from word of trust from my claims Supervisor, I was told you are the right person to have my won prize released to me. I humbly ask that you furnish me with transfer modalities so that i can be able to have my prize money in my preferred account which i shall present to you upon request.

Please find my contact details below including My prize payment clearance Code.

1) Name:
2) Address:
3) Tel/Mobile/Fax No:
4) Payment Clearance Code: (A2245UK)
5) Age:
6) Occupation:
7) Country:

Hoping to hear from you soonest.
Dr.Morgan Duke
Claims Supervisor
Msn Award Team

congratulations from the Staffs & Members of the interative Lotteries Board Commission ;
Dr. Rose A. Gerry
Microsoft Promotion Team
Executive Director

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