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From: Mr. David J. Lock
Sent: Saturday, February 2, 2008 5:55:13 AM
Subject: From: Mr. David J. Lock

From: Mr. David J. Lock
E-mail: davidlock@maktoob.com

My Dear,


I am seeking for your co-operation to present you to my bank as the next of
kin/will beneficiary to Dr. Shimon Adams, a Financial Economist, Energy
Economics, Finance & Technology Economist and a member of the Editorial board
of Energy Policy in Brighton, United States of American citizen who died on a
plane crash on the 10th of February 2007 with his wife and children also
perished in the plane crash.

Before his death he was a senior researcher in SPRU's Sussex Energy Group and
has a bank balance with my bank to the tune of SEVEN MILLION BRITISH POUNDS
STERLINGS which will be paid to you as his Next of Kin/Will Beneficiary.

For your information, I am the Head of Investigation Department with my bank
here in London,England.The board of directors of my bank has given me the
mandate to look for any known relation of Dr. Shimon Adams, since after his

However, all my efforts to trace members of his family has been fruitless , this
is the main reason I am writing you to ask for your co-operation for us to
claim this money because it will amount to injustice if I do not take this
decisive step to secure this deposit and invest it, this is due to the fact
that if nobody comes forward to claim the fund it will be forfeited to the
Government, this is my reason for contacting you, so that you can assist me in
making this transaction a reality.

All I need to do is to give you the approval as the Next of Kin/Will Beneficiary
and the fund will be paid to you as the beneficiary. We are to share this money
between ourselves and also donate 5% to charity organizations and 5% for any
expenses we may incure. If you are really interested in this offer you should
contact me through this emailaddress: davidlock@maktoob.com

For detail of this transaction and procedures, please do forward to me

1) Your full name. (2) Phone, Fax and Mobile #. (3) Company name,
Position and Contact Address. (4) Profession, Age and Marital Status

Note that I will commence immediately to secure all legal documents in your
name that will proof that you are the Next of Kin/Will Beneficiary of the fund,
on your acceptance to fully co-operate with me and we can achieve this deal if
you keep it very CONFIDENTIAL to yourself.

I await your urgent response to enable us jumpstart this project and nurture it
to reality. reach me on my private E-mail address: davidlock@maktoob.com

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. David J. Lock
E-mail: davidlock@maktoob.com