Patrick Clark

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From: Mr Clark Patrick
Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2008 9:46:26 AM
Subject: RE: we appreciate your sincere response

Compliments of the season.
I am Mr. Patrick Clark, bills and exchange manager of a bank in
Switzerland. It is with excellent recommendation from a banking colleague
of mine that I contact you with this business proposal. Due to the exact
nature of this business proposal, I advice that there should be utmost
confidentiality in all matters I shall discuss with you because it is only
on this premise of reliability and implicit trust in our capabilities that
the exact dividends of this proposal will be achieved.
Privileged information and official Instruments at our disposal will
enable this proposal in the right perspective for a 100% successful
execution rate, it is therefore paramount for us to be assured of your
discretion in handling details of this proposal which I will discuss with
you once I receive an acknowledgement of this email from you with the
assurance that even though, the possibility exist of you declining to this
proposal, my identity can still be protected with your assured discretion.
I await your response.
Thank you.
Mr. Patrick Clark.