Promisee Keeper

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From: PROMISE KEEPER <8113672555@enote.com>
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 12:41:05 PM

My Dear,

I just want to tell you that I made some good money out of that deal, or more
specifically, 40million.
I would have loved to stay but am sorry they are after me and I dont want to
get you involved in any way.

I have opened up an account in your name in a certain bank in England. In there
is some good money for you and the family. You really helped me but you just
dont know it.
I have entrusted legal proof of this account in the hands of my attorney,
Philip Langford. You are only to make contact with him with your name on this
email address: barrister_langford@yahoo.cn

I am sorry but you cannot contact me because I am on the run and cannot afford
to take any chance.

You need not worry as my attorney is to be trusted as he is the only one I
could trust. He would provide you with any assistace that you may require. It's
so easy that you can be able to make transfer to your account online.

I would have loved to tell you more but I can't just incase this gets into the
wrong hands.

Thank you very much and have the best of the new year.

Please do not try to reply to this email address as I will never check it again.