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Allen & Overy. (LLP)
Private Consultants.
1. New Change London,

I am Patrick Marsh, a private consultant for very eminent personnels in
the Asian and Middle East region. These personnels have appointed me to
source on their behalf a credible foreigner with whom they can jointly
entrust a reasonable amount of money which will be chanelled into a highly
lucrative business venture.
They have $150million (one hundred and fifty million United States
dollars) transferred to Europe.

They request strict confidentiality due to their public nature, they
prefer to be anonymous hence I have been given the mandate to source for
someone of high business experience with very good reputation.

Details of the proposal:
1. My client(s) are top politicians/government officials in the Asian and
Middle East region they want the funds to be invested through a
well-established businessman abroad who can front for them without
disclosing their true identity.

2. A power of attorney will be given to you to manage these funds on their

3. You will be awarded as compensation a certain percentage from the
proceeds of the investment, which is negotiable.

If you have the capacity to handle the transaction kindly indicate by
replying to: allenandovery@cooperation.net

Patrick Marsh.
Tel: +447031998656
Fax: +448704798872
Allen & Overy. (LLP)