"Williams, Sherri": CONTACT MR. RYAN MAXWELL AT: maxwell.fedexcouriers@hotmail.co.uk

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From: "Williams, Sherri" (SherriW@cci.edu)
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 8:49:00 PM
Subject: CONTACT MR. RYAN MAXWELL AT: maxwell.fedexcouriers@hotmail.co.uk


I am Mrs. Williams Sherri, a staff of the FedEx couriers here in west Africa Nigeria.

We have been waiting for you to contact us for the delivery of your bank draft of

$600,000.00 that was deposited with our company by the N.N.P.C DONATION BOARD.

I will be traveling out of the country for a two Months Course. You will have to contact my

assistant for the immediate delivery of your package using the details below:

Contact person: Mr. Ryan Maxwell (assistant dispatch officer)

Contact email: maxwell.fedexcouriers@hotmail.co.uk

Note: all expenses has been paid for, all you need to pay is $300 for the safe keeping of

your bank draft till this time and for the registration of your package for delivery, once payment

is made your draft will be delivered to you ASAP.


Yours Faithfully,

Mrs. Williams Sherri.