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Sent: Monday, July 7, 2008 5:32:49 PM
Subject: Business Proposal

July 7, 2008

Ciao Sir/Madam,

I take great pleasure in introducing myself, Mr. Alessandro Carlo Geronimo
an accountant with Banca Di Roma, Milano, Italy. This letter is in
reference to the death of our foreign Client, who died in the Cypriot
airliner that crashed Aug. 14, 2005 near Athens with his family on board
(All passengers were killed in the crash) and this letter is not intended
to cause any embarrassment in whatever form, rather it is intended to
contact your esteemed self, following the knowledge of your high repute
and trustworthiness. More information on the crash can be found in the
below website,


Our client until his death deposited a sum of €15,800,000 Million Euro
(Fifteen Million, Eight Hundred Thousand Euros) with us. Since we got
information about his death, we have been expecting his next of kin to
come to our Bank and claim his money because we cannot release it unless
somebody applies for it as a next of kin or relative to the deceased as
indicated in our banking guidelines, but unfortunately we learnt that all
his supposed relatives died in the plane crash leaving no relative behind
to claim the fund. It is upon this discovery that l decided to make this
business proposal to you in other of the release of the money to you as
the next of kin or relative to the deceased for safety and subsequent
disbursement, since nobody is coming for it and we do not want this money
to go into our bank treasury as an unclaimed fund.

The Banking Law and Guidelines here stipulate that if such money remained
unclaimed after three years, the money will be transferred into the Bank
Treasury as Unclaimed Funds. The request for a foreigner as a relative for
this claim is occasioned by the fact that the customer was a foreigner and
an Italian cannot claim this fund as next of kin. As an agreement 30% of
this money will go to the foreign partner who will supply the foreign
account, 5% will be set aside for expenses incurred during the transaction
and 65% will be for me and my colleagues. Thereafter, l and my colleagues
will visit your country for disbursement of the percentages as indicated
above. If you are interested to assist in this transaction, kindly contact
me immediately to proceed further. There is no risk involve at all, for I
know that a proposal of this magnitude will make anyone apprehensive and
worried, but I am assuring you that it is made in good faith and will be
of mutual benefit. I have everything arranged and planned, just please
adhere to all instructions.

As a Senior Staff in the Bank I have access to reach information regarding
Bank's Clients and Account Monitoring, I keep this information secret
within myself and partners to enable the whole plans and idea be
profitable and successful during the time of execution. I trust in you to
keep this secret and confidential too. I will prepare a formal agreement
to guide us in this transaction for accountability purpose. All other
necessary vital information will be sent to you when I hear from you. I
suggest you get back to me as soon as possible stating your wish in this
deal. I look forward to your prompt response.

Yours Faithfully,

Alessandro Carlo Geronimo